for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

POPtorious!  – Millennium Edition is the ultimate pop culture guessing game for millennials!

You and your friends act out, impersonate, describe and try to guess as many clues as you can before the timer runs out!

Universal App

Hilariously Fun

9 Awesome Categories

POPtorious! was designed to be a game that was always available, no matter where you are or what device you have. It is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Modeled after the classic game "Celebrity," POPtorious! is designed to be the ultimate party guessing game. You and your friends hilariously act out, impersonate, describe and try to guess as many celebrity names and pop culture clues as you can before the timer runs out!

POPtorious! comes FREE with 50 famous "celebrity" names. Enable "Ultimate Celebrity" and instantly get 1,700+ !


Plus, there are eight additional pop-culture categories to play:  Television, Movies, Music, Books, Broadway, Sports, 80's and 90's, totally more than 5,800 clues to guess!

Cloud Syncing

Built-in Timer

Built-in Score Keeper

POPtorious! is always up-to-date because additional game content is added everyday and the app automatically syncs with our cloud database whenever you play*!

Our built-in timer helps keep each round fair by providing 60 seconds, 90 seconds or 120 seconds for each team. When 10 seconds remain, the app notifies you that you're almost out of time.

Much like the built-in timer, the score keeper automatically tabulates each point earned throughout the game.

Retina Graphics

Modern UI

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POPtorious! was built from the ground up to support all of Apple's Retina devices. Each screen is pixel accurate with incredible typography and stunning high-resolution graphics. It is also optimized for iOS 7+, iPhone and iPad.

With a simple, clean and modern interface, it's easy to focus on the game and not distractions.

*Syncing requires an active Internet connection.  Standard data rates may apply.